By the age of fourteen, Gary Gold's drumming had attracted the attention of Gene Krupa - who recognized his unique playing style and passion for jazz drumming. With Krupa's encouragement, the young musical prodigy soon became the protégé of the Miles Davis Quintet's legendary drummer Tony Williams. Since then, Gary Gold has played drums for Phoebe Snow, Keith Richards, Michael Brecker, B.B.. King, Dr. John, Robben Ford, Chuck Berry, Howard Tate, Donald Fagen, Steely Dan and Jerry Douglas.  

Like most musicians, he was struck by the beauty of being able to express oneself in song. He set out to write an honest song about his personal life experience - and came up with what became the incredible Neville Brother’s Anthem “Carry the Torch”. He remembers: "the first time I saw the Neville's playing Carry the Torch, I burst into tears. I mean, they were my hero's!" He's since co-written songs with Smokey Robinson (“Satisfy You” "I Wanna Know Your Body") and Dr. John ("The Bone").  

As luck would have it, he was called to play drums on the original Karaoke sessions at New York's Hit Factory just when the transition from Analog to Digital recording was happening. He played drums on many of the first digital recordings and by paying close attention to the best engineers of the day, he got a first class education in Analog and Digital recording techniques. This opportunity thrust him to the forefront of the "other side of the glass" and soon he added another hyphen to his skillset: "musician-writer-producer". 

His production credits include work with Smokey Robinson, Bonnie Raitt, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, The Neville's, Bobby Womack, Carlos Santana, India Irie, Jennifer Hudson, lil Wayne, Michael Brecker and Stevie Wonder.

Gary Gold received his first Grammy nomination for Smokey Robinson’s "Timeless Love" and won a Grammy for his work on Michael Brecker's "Pilgrimage".

Originally from New York City, Gary currently lives in Nashville with his wife Emily and their children Henry and Etta.